An important announcement about Kinetic Group

Kinetic Group ABN 16 473 902 925 has been restructured. Kinetic Group ABN 16 473 902 925 has sold some of their assets to other non-associated businesses.

The following services have been transferred to Energy Skills Queensland ABN 46 137 878 258:

  • the GI safety induction (and Drilldown)
  • workforce planning and development services
  • Industry Training Fund for 457 visas
  • Strategic Investment Fund
  • Critical Skills Investment Fund

Kinetic Group’s other services have been transferred to Kinetic Group Worldwide ABN: 46 137 878 258. These services include:

  • International Consulting
  • Accelerated Skilling Hubs
  • Project Canary software licensing and management.

Contact Information

To view Energy Skills Queensland’s services, please go to Energy Skills Queensland or phone 07 3721 8800

To view Kinetic Group Worldwide’s services, please go to: or contact:

Luke Berry – CEO Kinetic Group Worldwide Ph 61 417 077 342

If you would like to contact someone regarding Kinetic Group ABN 16 473 902 925, please contact Derek Hunter on Ph 61 437 641 523

Information for GI Passport holders

GI_logo_fullcolourEnergy Skills Queensland (ESQ), the Industry Skills Body for the energy sector, is managing delivery of the GI Safety Induction.

ESQ is working with industry and RTOs and has developed the New Generic Induction (GI), which meets and exceeds current industry and regulatory requirements.

If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact your RTO or click here to get more information about the GI Safety Induction.